Hydrolytic Stability

A unique feature of both our film-forming and
penetrating sealers is their ability to maintain performance integrity,
such as surface breathability and excellent water resistance.

Product Formulation

Quality thru Product Innovation

Quality products are produced thru continuous product innovation
One must stand out from the rest with the desire of outperforming the competition in both overall cost and value.


Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems

High-Performance coatings designed to withstand high elevated pH (acidic/basic) liquids and various salt exposures protecting concrete from the effects of potential corrosion


Dampproof & Waterproof Coatings

Specialty hybrid coatings designed for structural concrete applications can be applied by brushing, rolling, and spraying, provides similar performance characteristics in terms of UV stability, vapor permeability, and abrasion resistance.


Sacrificial and Non-Sacrificial AG Coatings

Selection for the right anti-graffiti coating is critical in ensuring acceptable and natural surface appearance and complete total surface protection.


Dampproof and Waterproof Coatings

Dampproof and Waterproof Coatings based on asphaltic-bituminous emulsion and polymer hybrids are functional products used on specific applications, requiring certain performance characteristics.

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Densifiers and Penetrating Sealers

Densifiers and Penetrating Sealers based on hybrid systems of Silane, Siloxane, Flourinated, Lithium and Potassium Silicates are ideal for water repellency, anti-graffiti (non-sacrificial) and stain protection, ultra-violet, and freeze-thaw protection and overall natural appearance preservation.

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Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings based on waterbased polymeric hybrids of acrylic and silicone systems are popular on bridging gaps and used on inside containment and vault structures for flexural tensile strength, and have both dampproof and waterproof performance characteristics with improved visual appearances.

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Film Forming Sealers and Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Film Forming Sealers and Anti-Graffiti Coatings based on acrylic hybrid polymers are environmental compliant systems, available as a sacrificial protection solution supplied in either clear or tinted form, and can be matched to any color standards, including common DOT Federal 595 standards.

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High Performance Epoxy Coatings

High Performance Epoxy Coatings based on Bisphenol A & F and higher grade types such as Novolacs are sometimes used requiring superior chemical resistance, hydrostatic resistance, and the ability to withstand other forms of environmental exposures on a more frequent basis.

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Integral Admixtures

Integral Admixtures based on high molecular weight Silicone emulsions of various type composition is ideal for cementitious mix designs for integral water and corrosion protection, ideal for frequently exposed moisture conditions.

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About the video, a spray application technique of the CM7007 Dampproof & Waterproof Coating product, using a regular stucco or texture type hopper, for ease of application on various types of substrates. View

IMRAE Corporation is a specialty products manufacturer specializing in developing advanced polymeric systems for various substrate applications.

To introduce new product technologies from groundwork research and development for various type of building material applications that are superior in areas of water and chemical protection.

To develop high performance protective coatings of penetrating and film forming products that exhibits excellent and functional performance characteristics.

To realize practical savings on long term maintenance and long term customer satisfaction that truly
delivers a “Value Adding Product”.

To provide an environmental solution in eliminatinguse of solvent based coatings as major source of VOC emissions with an efficient and easy-to-use product.


Our passion for continuous product development signifies our belief in the ways of developing higher quality products, we are committed to this guiding principle in meeting our changing times, and requirements of our current and new customers.


“Our products shall be carefully formulated using environmentally friendly materials designed to meet and exceeds desired performance characteristic requirements.”


“Our technology shall continuously evolve developing products that exceed regulatory standards in protecting the health, environment, and personal well being of our customers


“Our value adding products shall always embody a sense of development and manufacture to
attain the most cost-effective solution for our environment and its intended application.”




IMRAE will be closed on Thursday, Dec 21st thru Monday, Jan 1st for the HOLIDAY and annual preventive maintenance. We will resume operation on Tuesday, Jan 2nd. From all of us at IMRAE, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season!


CoatMasters Coatings Installation Group (C-CIG)

South Bay Bus Rapid Transit (SBBRT-3) coatings installations has commenced in Otay Mesa, a SANDAG project with Pulice Construction. The project is expected to be completed on March,2018.


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