Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Applications



CM7007 for below ground concrete precast structure protection

For below ground coating application, for dampproofing and waterproofing protection on precast concrete boxes or vaults are coated on the outside and can be used on the inside as a protective membrane. The product dries like a regular thick coating with high abrasion resistance properties (non– softening and non-peeling) upon cure. Also, exhibits UV resistance for improved color stability when exposed above ground.This bituminous polymeric hybrid coating is designed for structural concrete applications, requiring durability and ease of handling, which can be easily applied by brushing, rolling, and spraying. 

CM7007 for above ground waterproofing on roofing structures

For above ground coating application, typically for waterproofing protection on roofing membranes, and/or part of a roofing system as an outer layer medium, the material provides functional breathability and durability from the elements. The UV resistance property of the film prevents degradation and maintains a solid and non-softening thick film upon cure. A cold-applied system that can either be rolled and or sprayed for consistency in attaining the desired dry-film thickness.