Epoxy Coatings Applications

CM6007 HS-NOVO for EMWD Water Treatment Plant, in Moreno Valley, CA

IMRAE supplied and installed high performance epoxy coatings on concrete floors for the Eastern Municipal Water District, Moreno Valley Water Treatment plant. CoatMasters Coatings Installation Group (CCIG), a division of IMRAE applied the CM6007HS-NOVO, a novolac based epoxy and polyamine cured coating, manufactured by IMRAE, under the CoatMasters brand. The product is designed to withstand high elevated pH (acidic/basic) and various salt exposures, protecting concrete and potential corrosion.

CM6007 HS-NOVO for Acid Wash floor area, Cast Stone plant, West Chicago, IL

Architectural Cast Stone (ACS) of West Chicago, IL uses CM6007 HS-NOVO for coating their acid spray wash-room floor area. The wet-cast building is adjacent to its acid finishing room area, a 24/7 facility that requires high-performance coating to withstand high-acid resistance exposure, high-traffic, and for easy clean-up. The floor was rehabilitated and patched with mortar and then back-filled with cementitious filled aggregates, prior to final epoxy coating application.

CM6007 HS for Restaurant floor area, Three Bears, Compton, CA

Three Bears Restaurant in the busy Compton area in Los Angeles, was entirely rehabilitated by Unlimited Concepts Construction, Valencia, CA and uses the CM6007 HS for coating the entire floor area to withstand all food related liquids, such as oils, acidic liquids, and cleaning chemicals throughout the kitchen area and dining room. The product meets Food and Safety inspection requirements by the city and withstands all cleaning solutions. The flooring was grinded, cleaned, and polished prior to application of a clear CM6007 epoxy coating.