Rehabilitation Applications

CM Elastomeric Coating applied on Coronado Shores, Coronado, CA

Coronado Shores, La Perla #7 Tower, Coronado CA required thorough rehabilitation of exterior surfaces due to concrete spalling caused by internal corrosion of reinforced rebars. The process required complete resurfacing, concrete patching, anti-corrosion treatment of exposed rebars and final recoating to ensure overall weatherability protection and performance.

CM Matte & CM Elastomeric Coating on reconditioning of Stucco and Wood finshes

Residential homes built with stucco and wood exterior finishing materials requires moisture protection without negatively affecting the breathability of the surface. The CM Matte is sprayed on via airless onto cementitious stucco surfaces without the need for any primer type coating. A 1-step system that brings the color to life whether in original or new color design. All other surface areas of wood trims, such as fascia, doors, etc are coated with CM Elastomeric to provide flexibility and strength due to movement and material elasticity.  

CM Gloss Sealer for floor warehouse coating

CM Gloss Sealer used on rehabilitated warehouse flooring are able to withstand high traffic with hot-tire pick-up resistance from moving equipment, such as forklifts and other common type material handling equipment. The application of CM Gloss sealer easily adheres to any previously coated surface areas that have been properly resurfaced (i.e. SSPC, CS, etc), to ensure effective adhesion of new coating material. 

CM6007 HS-NOVO for moisture protection of basements on below ground structures

CM6007 HS-NOVO is used on below ground structures for moisture protection requiring high hydrostatic resistance. For basements requiring absolute protection, in addition to common installed sump basin designs for below ground, installation of waterproofing coating to stop water penetration is essential in maintaining a dry-free environment.