An extensive line of CoatMasters products for Division 7 and 9 applications are offered, for
functional applications on various types of concrete masonry materials, and other cementitious
materials, which requires protection requirements from natural elements and other host of
environmental exposures.

Division 7 (Thermal and Moisture Protection)

Dampproof and Waterproof Coatings based on asphaltic-bituminous emulsion and polymer
hybrids are functional products used on specific applications, requiring certain performance

American Concrete Institute (ACI 515.1) defines waterproofing as a treatment of a surface or
structure to resist the passage of water under “hydrostatic pressure”, whereas damp proofing is
defined as a treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water in the absence of
hydrostatic pressure.

Elastomeric Coatings based on water based polymeric hybrids of acrylic and silicone systems
are popular on bridging gaps and used on inside containment and vault structures for flexural
tensile strength, and have both dampproof and waterproof performance characteristics with
improved visual appearances.

High Performance Coatings based on two-component epoxies of varying curing agents, such as
polyamide and polyamine types exhibits overall high hydrostatic resistance, tensile pull
strength, abrasion and cohesive strength, and are ideal for extreme environmental exposures,
such as elevated acidic environments.

CoatMasters product categories used in these areas includes,] hybrid acrylic elastomeric
coatings, dampproof & waterproof coatings, high-performance coatings of NOVOLAC epoxy
two component systems and polyurethane type systems.

Division 9 (Finishes)

Penetrating and Film-forming Sealers based on hybrid systems of Silane, Siloxane, Flourinated,
and Acrylics types are ideal for water repellency, anti-graffiti and stain protection, UV
protection and overall natural appearance preservation.

High Performance Coatings based on Epoxy and Polyurethane are sometimes used requiring
non-sacrificial performance, hydrostatic resistance, chemical resistance and other forms of
environmental exposures on a more frequent basis.

CoatMasters® categories used in these areas includes densifiers, penetrating sealers,
film forming sealers (ex. sacrificial and non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings), and various type of
two component epoxy and polyurethane systems