Concrete Precasters

Concrete precasters

An extensive line of CoatMasters products for both architectural and structural applications are
offered, for functional applications on various types of precast products, GFRC, and other
cementitious mix designs, which requires protection requirements from natural elements and
other host of environmental exposures.

Architectural and Specialty Precast (Horizontal and Vertical)

Exterior and interior decorative precasts, claddings, water features, landscape furnishings,
pavers, mechanical stabilized earth (MSE) wall structures, sound wall, and large gravity wall
systems to name a few.

CoatMastersĀ® product categories used in these areas include densifiers, penetrating sealers,
film forming sealers, and various type of two component epoxy and polyurethane systems.
Structural Precast (Above and Below Ground)

Utility vault structures, manholes, liquid tank containments (i.e. storm water, waste water,
potable water tanks, and acid & alkali resistant exposures), modular and various building
products are typical examples.

CoatMastersĀ® product categories used in these areas include, hybrid acrylic elastomeric
coatings, dampproof & waterproof coatings, high-performance coatings of novolac epoxy two
component systems and polyurethane type systems.